Xi’an is the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization dating back to 4000 BC. It was the capital city for eleven dynasties, up to the 9th century and it is from here that caravans started on the Silk Road to Europe, changing the Western world forever.The dramatic life-size warrior figures of the 6,000 strong terracotta army, known as the eighth wonder of the world, were built to protect the first Qin emperor in the afterlife. Moving around this old city gives an eerie feeling, like traveling back through thousands of years in time. The local government is trying to preserve the layout and size of its prototype from the Ming Dynasty dating back over 600 years ago.

Xi’an is now the capital city of Shanxi Province and also the political, economic and cultural center of the Northwest. It has a population of 2,650,000 with an average temperature of 13C for mild weather that makes it pleasant to visit year round to bring you back thousands of years to a glorious time in the history of China.

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