Leifeng Pagoda Of Hangzhou

Leifeng Pagoda Of Hangzhou
Leifeng Pagoda Of Hangzhou
One of Ten Scenes Of The West Lake

Leifeng Pagoda of Hangzhou is one of Ten Scenes Of The West Lake, and become famous because of “White Snake” legend. Leifeng Pagoda was built in 975 ad, the legend is king Wu Yue Qian Hongchu to celebrate the concubine Huang Shide son built, also once known as the “yellow Feita” by Lei Feng, stands in the South Bank of West Lake to the top of the mountain in Hangzhou, later called the “Leifeng Pagoda”. Leifeng Pagoda was originally a five storey octagonal brick wood structure Pavilion style tower, tower canopies, flat seat, veranda, railings and other for the wood, the Yuan Dynasty, Leifeng Pagoda also preserved relatively intact, “a thousand feet Fu Tu Wu leaned empty” records. Ming Jiajing, being Pirates burned, leaving only a brick tower. At the end of Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China, brick tower Lei Feng tower legend can be used to drive disease physical or tocolysis, many people from the brick tower on the ground from powder, digging bricks, and people from the tower digging Scriptures for profit. The afternoon of September 25, 1924, almost hollowed out Taki no longer overwhelmed, all of sudden collapse.

In 1999 October, Hangzhou city decided to build the Leifeng Pagoda, rebuild Leifeng sunset landscape, 2002 October twentyfive sunset. New Leifeng Pagoda was built over the old thunder on the site, Tazuo part become ruins exhibition hall, and there are many literatures for visitors. Smooth and slick new Leifeng Pagoda is divided into two floors underground and five floors on the ground, the mountain lake, prosperity. Underground two layer is also called the “ruins protection layer”. New Leifeng Pagoda on the part of more than 70 meters high, the top board overlooking the north, clear lake, island Willowbank panoramic view; Nan Gu, of primitive simplicity “Jingci Temple” Temple deep; Xi Kan, but see Sir Georg Solti, viewing area Chui Yang dyed green, grass hold flowers; Look East, nearly visible liulangwenying, smoke bridge painting tree, far considerable Hangzhou City downtown neighborhood. Here not only the beautiful West Lake panoramic view, the viewing platform is also the city of Hangzhou only an overview of West Lake panorama, and  Leifeng Pagoda  is one of the Ten Scenes Of The West Lake, continued for thousands of years, Seoul Ya famous.

Leifeng Pagoda and the white snake story spread deep and broad, the story of the pagoda is located in the South Bank of the West Lake River on the mountain, there is Free Life Pond Shanmen, advocating killing and released.


Speaking of Leifeng Pagoda, people will think of “White Snake”, therefore, the reconstruction of the Leifeng Pagoda carefully set up a layer of special interpretation of “White Snake” largescale wood carving works.

Aboard the new Leifeng Pagoda, West Lake Hangzhou city landscape and prosperity as the visitors in Yuanwang near to see.

Relative Leifeng Pagoda were burned by the news, the reconstruction of the pagoda was nicknamed “the burning off of the tower”.

In March 11, 2001 Lei Feng Palace of the Earth tower is opened, exhibit precious Buddhist relics excavated in the tower next to the new “Hui Wenxuan”.