Why Not 10000 Rooms In The Forbidden City

the palace museum
the palace museum
In the Forbidden City, There Are 9999.5 Rooms. Why Not a Round 10000?

A delightful legend has it that the Palace of the Jade Emperor(the Supreme Deity of Taoism )consists of 10,000 rooms. But the emperor in the human world was Son of Heaven. The Forbidden City the emperor lived could have 9,999.5 rooms( a number symbolizing a long life and reign for the emperor )and could not share the same treatment as the Jade Emperor. The so-called half room was constructed on the ground floor of the Wenyuange Pavilion(Imperial Library). The small room, which accommodates only a staircase, was built solely for aesthetic layout. If you want to know whether it should be called a room or a half-room, decide for yourself if you have the chance to visit the Forbidden City. With so many rooms in the Forbidden City, if a person changed rooms each night from the day of his birth, he would be 27 years old before he had stayed in every one. To guard against assassins, no one knew in which room the emperor slept at night except his trusted eunuchs.

This is a pair of cypresses grafted together when they were very young—the two trees with branches interlocked-a loving couple . Legend claims that they planted more than 500 years ago in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). When the visitor looks up, he/she can distinguish the two different kinds of tree leaves. Towards the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) the last Qing emperor Puyi and his empress had a photograph taken in front of the tree. Therefore, the tree is considered a symbol of unswerving love. Nowadays, many visitors both domestic and overseas would like to take a picture in front of the special tree. Its leaves stay green year round.