yangshuo of guilin
yangshuo of guilin

To the beautiful scenery known yangshuo county, guangxi zhuang autonomous region in the northeast, the southern city of guilin, is the jurisdiction of guilin.county building began duokaihuang decade (year 1590), it has been more than 1,400 years. county area of 1428 square kilometers, 20,000 hectares of arable land, the county’s total population of 300,000 people, exempted six three rural towns, a han, zhuang, yao, to 11 different nationalities.
Yangshuo is subtropical monsoon climate, abundant energy, abundant sunshine, abundant rainfall. The average annual temperature is 19 degrees Celsius, 1465 hours of sunshine, an average rainfall 1640 mm, 302 days of frost-free period.
Yangshuo county is rich in resources, mainly grain rice, the annual output of 13 million tons. pomelo, navel orange, persimmon, chestnut of yangshuo, four specialty fruit, pomelo fruit with large color delicious sweet famous at home and abroad, 1997 production reached 16,000 tons, 1995 agricultural exposition in china won the highest awards of similar products jujube silver; 1998 appraisals of the national pomelo “jinbei award” in 1996 by the ministry of agriculture as “china shatinyu village.” county rich in mineral resources, lead, zinc, barite, marble, limestone and other major minerals. Yangshuo people directory, in recent years, produced a lot of development of tourism souvenirs, such as painting, drawing fans, marble, talc souvenirs, there are landscape plant, culture shirt, zhang shi, wood carvings, clothing antique, antique pottery, handicraft and other ball, best-selling domestic and international tourism market.
Yangshuo is the first of the “state-level scenic tourist spots”,one of the landscape than guilin  lijiang’s “golden waterway” (sing to Guilin), which is located in the territory of yangshuo, there are still stay upright exterior of the summit more than 20,000 blocks, the wind in the mountains, finishing off 17 rivers, xu xiake’s been dubbed the “gish jen yusun world.” in addition, king is everywhere natural scenery, ancient  emphasizing pastoral landscape, shocking the world must karst wonders, playing on the “xiangrenjie” — to yangshuo west street …!you will be well spent.
yangshuo beauty everywhere, many beginning here say the people who seem to own paintings : the town area, in addition to providing you with good shelter at the same time, lang mountain west, landscapes park, bilianfeng such displays, there is willing to stay in the old foreigner here, “yang renjie” — west street, you can paoba, rock climbing rock climbing museum; can cruise on the lijiang river nine paintings ma shan, ha long scenery, waves rock scenery, mirror yellow cloth, mineral nirvana (20 yuan on the back of the map viewfinder), and other famous scenic spots in lijiang, clinton called on the landing visited the fishing village, explore known as “karst wonders” in the shower rock; in moon mountain area, a geology, wearing rock hotel, moon mountain, polyethylene longtan, the natural caves — buddha rocks (which can wash mud bath. useful skin), hudiequan, a large rock climbing spots; bicyclist yulong scenic tour : oulongqiao, fulvic bridge sin gui three bridges over 500 years of history of ancient stone bridge, and you can see the pastoral beauty because beauty tourists have called “high-water”, swimming, rafting, fishing, camping; lijiang river in the downstream area, a travel helpers hill, lang east hill, a rural painting fans.
Yangshuo nature to the beautiful scenery and attract global tourists who love nature of the eyes, from the 1980s to a small number of foreigners, and now the annual receipts among the 300 million or more, yangshuo her unique charm attracts the xanadu dream chaser.with the extensive application of information developed, formerly known guilin, yangshuo, but do not know that people really find the most representative of the karst “karst park.”
Lonely planetin fact, the generals more than most people understand yangshuo. a lonely planet them from the other side of the world to the yangshuo. yangshuo of foreign tourists are a manpower, only guilin as a transit point for traffic, the plane, where the train. arrived directly from yangshuo of guilin and never stop. know why? i only know that the great majority of his own generals! with the domestic standard of living improves, tourism has become one of the most important agenda of the state policy, may 1, 11 golden week implementation, each of the scenic overcrowding holidays! according to the yangshuo tourism sector statistics, from 2000, yangshuo hotel beds doubled! this year’s may 1 will be unable to complete all the arrangements for the guests, a lot of people can only take tents.yangshuo boiling! yangshuo outbreak.
Yangshuo foreign tourists have come, only slowly with new or old houses to renovate dozens of special foreign guest houses, hotels, it can be said that the tourism yangshuo is tuizhaozou.Now, the west more than 40 bars of different colors, allowing you to enjoy the rest of the world food flavor, even if a small one small hotel, the attendant can fluent in a foreign language to foreign tourists, compared to some parts of the three-star hotel, also fares slightly. Yangshuo local flavor in addition to rice, the main cruise pijiuyu all colors and stuffed vegetables, fresh water fish, such as lijiang, in particular pijiuyu. titled people.
since ancient times, and celebrities who have jimmy king constant source : sun yatsen, zhou enlai, zhu de, deng xiaoping, jiang zemin and other state leaders have come to, nixon, carter, george bush, president of the united states bill clinton four, former united nations secretary-general de cuellar and other disputes to be seen and, in 1996, li brought his wife to visit yangshuo, and the inscriptions : “yangshuo -china’s tourism county.”